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After starting a class in public discourse and reading the cacophony of what is being said about addiction and addiction treatment by popular pundits, I feel compelled to weigh in …in print, …online, …and in a format that I have resisted since 2001.


Right now.


On my company website.  I can’t think of a better place, and what could possibly go wrong?


A quick review of my motives:

  1. Passionately held belief that you strongly feel needs to be broadcasted – Check.
  2. Big issue that doesn’t have a viable solution – Check.
  3. Credible expertise on the subject matter – Check.
  4. Messianic complex, and desire to promote a rock band based in Austin, Tx. that you front – Possible ½ Check (I don’t play in a band or live in Austin, Tx.).


Now this is the real question isn’t it?  My plan is to write on topics related to changing how addiction is perceived and treated.  Hopefully these will be somewhat succinct (no small feat for me) and engaging.  These will be posted here on a somewhat regular basis.

In time, I would like to link these posts through social media outlets, get better at broadcasting to a wider audience and gain some degree of a following.  The MeToo movement started with a 2006 MySpace post.  Why can’t social media help bring understanding and compassion to people suffering from addiction?  Why can’t the keyboard be a vehicle to help develop an informed and effective approach to treat addiction?  So here we go…